Accurately Finding Your Body Proportions

It is universal truth that women is considered to be more attractive compare to men. Women also receives more attention for their appearance compare to their male counterparts. This is not only limited to particular region or culture, but this is true for every culture and region. As some one said: ‘There is no beauty on earth which exceeds the natural loveliness of woman.’ One of the important factors in maintaining beauty and shape is to create a good body proportions to create the better balance for our brain and body.

Check out this video that will help you figure out your proper body proportions and then you can use this information to find better dressing ideas.

Why Knowing Body Proportions is Important

Many people don’t understand the importance of knowing the body proportion, but it is as important as knowing your body shape or your face. If you have the accurate and proper knowledge of your body proportion it will help you to guide towards the most flattering placement of both vertical and horizontal lines. This also help in finding the best dressing ideas and accessories needed to look beautiful. Body proportions are important because they tell you where to end our clothes, hems on tops and jackets. They help to create a balanced and harmonious appearance and can help us look taller and slimmer, or shorter and curvier.

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